Book reviews « 40 Eight Laws of Power » Robert Green

Book Review « 40 eight laws of power » Robert Green.

A guide for those who are greedy and want power. Totally in the spirit of our times.

A fascinating book that I encountered when I was fourteen years old, I did not fully comprehend the power of these laws that are described in it, but I really liked it. Later I reread it three times. I like the style of Robert Green’s books, the short formulation of the law and its explanation, followed by examples of history, different thoughts and excerpts from different works. I advise everyone to read his other books “33 Laws of War” and “24 Laws of Temptation,” as well as to read the works of Niccolo Machiavelli.

The book 40 eight laws of power – is a real board book for those who dream about the real and lasting power. Robert Greene writes about power so openly and so clearly that it becomes clear that if these laws are used correctly, power can no longer be avoided. These laws can be used in all walks of life, from office work to politics. This is the most mind-blowing and complete book on power.

“40 Eight Laws of Power” – a great book that teaches the reader how to achieve failure in life, how to “root for” the power and the authorities available, without losing their own characteristics and zest for life. She will reveal secrets of “court etiquette” on examples of political negotiations, meetings at the highest level. By the way, the book is quite benevolent, there is nothing particularly scandalous and immoral in it, although it is stated. But there are a lot of fascinating facts from life of politicians, unusual examples of behavior and conduct of business negotiations, apt quotations. The basis of the book are laws that are succinctly and clearly stated, for example, “Never outshine the master,” “Keep your hands clean,” “Concentrate your strength. The book is definitely worth buying, and would make a valuable gift.

The book is very entertaining. It can be read not only by those who seek power, and those who do not want to get hooked on it, and even those who are far from politics. There are unlimited historical examples. You’ll learn more about great figures of the past, about scientists. Even the dancer Mata Hari often flickers in the pages of this book. In the book is a huge number of proverbs and sayings of different peoples of the world. And of course there is a lot of psychology. The book is easy to read in one breath. I want to reread it again.

This is exactly the kind of book that everyone wants to read and reread. And this is by no means an exaggeration – gaining new and relevant experience, any of the 40 eight laws will appear before us in an insignificantly different light. It will not be a revelation, and the fact that the book is designed for people seeking to deceive and dominate, to inspire awe, for themselves to attract love and control the ideas and moods of other people. Any law is cruel, cynical and powerful. To make it easier to understand the essence of 40 laws, the eight laws are supported by interesting and surprising historical facts and actual stories. Despite a certain ruthlessness and cynicism, this book is definitely worth reading from cover to cover, even for those who do not seek to "to dominate and rule", for it is useful for them to know the ways, techniques and words not to fall into the power of the most powerful.

Table of Contents Instruction Interpreter’s Introduction Law 1. Never outshine a sovereign Law 2. Don’t trust your friends boundlessly, learn to use your enemies Law 3. Hide your intentions Law 4. Always speak less than seems necessary Law 5. Very nearly everything depends on the reputation – save it at the cost of your life Law 6. Win the attention at any cost Law 7. Make others to work for you and use the fruits Law 8. Compel people to approach you, if necessary, use bait Law 9. Obtain victory by actions, not by arguments Law 10. Disease: be wary of the dull and unsuccessful Law 11. Try to make people depend on you Law 12. Show honesty and generosity from time to time to disarm your victim Law 13. When you ask for help, appeal to the self-interest of men, and never to their mercy or generosity Law 14 KIWIKO from Swahili to English. Play the part of the friend, act as a spy Law 15. Smash the enemy thoroughly Law 16. Use your absence to exaggerate honor and honor Law 17. Keep others in suspense: Maintain an atmosphere of unpredictability Law 18. Don’t build fortresses to protect yourself: Isolation is not safe Law 19. Know With Whom You Deal: Do Not Hurt Them Wrongly Law 20. Do not unite with any man. Play the simpleton to fool the simpleton: seem more foolish than your own target Law 22. Employ the strategy of surrender: turn helplessness into strength Law 23. Concentrate your power Law 24. Act like a true courtier Law 25. Create yourself anew Law 26. Keep Your Hands Unstained Law 27. Play upon the needs of the people, creating an army of fanatical followers Law 28. Get down to business without hesitation Law 29. Plan to go all the way to the end Law 30. In the pursuit of success, do not show effort Law 31. Control all the options: let others play the cards you dealt Law 32. Play on Human Fantasies Law 33. Know every man’s weakest heart Law 34. Be regal in your own way: behave like a lord, and you will be accepted as a lord Law 35. Master the art of time management Law 36. Despise that which thou canst not possess: ignoring is the best revenge Law 37. Create unforgettable sights Law 38. Think what thou wilt, but act as thou wilt Law 39. Muddy the water to catch the fish Law 40. Reject free luncheons with contempt Law 41. Try not to follow the great ones Law 42. Strike the shepherd and the flock will scatter Law 43. Conquer the hearts and minds of those around you Law 44. Disarm and enrage with the mirror effect Law 45. Preach the necessity of change, but do not be too enthusiastic about reforms Law 46. Under no circumstances appear to be very perfect Law 47. Go no further than the task set; when winning, know when to stall Law 48. Find uncertainty of form.

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